Liquid D&B Essentials 2013 Vol.5 by Various Artists


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MP3 320 / AAC 320


Released 30/11/2013 on Dirt, Lies & Audio Black

Licensor: Label Worx Limited

Barcode: 5052653866699


Play 1 Stop Right Meow (Original Mix) by Rafau Etamski ISRC: GBKQU1314058 5:00
Play 2 Thinker (Original Mix) by Bass Covers ISRC: GBKQU1301649 4:54
Play 3 Light Up (DeCo's Marmite Remix) by Critical Minds ISRC: GBKQU1395167 3:45
Play 4 The Pink Fields (2013 Remaster) by Doxx & Feint ISRC: GBKQU1388321 4:58
Play 5 Between The Lines (Original Mix) by OW3S UK Ft. Charli Brix ISRC: GBKQU1388323 5:33
Play 6 Chasing Stars (Original Mix) by Prime Attack ISRC: GBKQU1372104 6:37
Play 7 Last Action Human (Original Mix) by Midn8Runner ISRC: GBKQU1344417 8:09
Play 8 The Veil (Original Mix) by Zengineers ISRC: GBKQU1207978 5:35
Play 9 Apollo (Original Mix) by Kourage & Fuego ISRC: GBKQU1301646 3:56
Play 10 Leave It All (Original Mix) by Bass Covers ISRC: GBKQU1395166 5:51
Play 11 Chasing Stars (Original Mix) by Prime Attack ISRC: GBKQU1380978 6:37
Play 12 With You (Original Mix) by Phatoad ISRC: GBKQU1372275 5:20
Play 13 Sokol (Original Mix) by Critrocket ISRC: GBKQU1344919 4:43
Play 14 Only Desire (Original Mix) by Phatoad ISRC: GBKQU1344921 6:03
Play 15 The Lights Within Her Eyes (Nelver Remix) by Fracture Design ISRC: GBKQU1144532 7:55